Small Cap Value

Consistently Uncovering Value

Consistently uncovering value




— Disciplined investment process has been consistently executed since 1996
— Seasoned team of 3 portfolio managers with an average of 31 years of experience
— Institutional client base limited to 35 clients
— Assets under management $1.0 billion

Uncovering value on a stock-by-stock basis

Our proprietary valuation analysis and fundamental research approach guide us in identifying stocks that we expect will return to a state of fair value, and outperform their peers.

Our Small Cap Value team employs a proprietary valuation process to identify the least expensive stocks in each sector which results in a candidate pool of 175 names. To discern true value from the merely cheap, the team conducts extensive fundamental research in search of one of our five Value Buy Criteria:

— Resolvable short-term problem
— Catalyst for change
— Unrecognized assets
— Fundamental undervaluation
— Take-over potential

The presence of our Value Buy Criteria increases the likelihood that an inexpensive stock will return to a state of fair value and outperform its peers.

Portfolios are fully invested in 90 to 110 holdings with no position exceeding 3.5% in weight. The portfolio is always diversified across all sectors at all times.