About Peregrine

Continuity. Style integrity. Personal service.

Founded in 1984, Peregrine Capital Management is an employee-owned investment management firm offering three primary styles:  Small Cap Growth, Small Cap Value and Large Cap Growth which support seven related investment strategies. Over the years, Peregrine has been known for the continuity of our teams, style integrity, outstanding client service and solid investment performance.

Our firm, like the Peregrine Falcon, is nimble and focused—guided by the objective of helping our clients achieve their long-term goals. Peregrine is structured to be entrepreneurial and investment-driven. Each team operates independently and drives its own investment process and disciplines. The result over time has been stable and tenured teams, style purity and strong long-term track records consistent with our underlying investment philosophies.

For nearly four decades we have remained true to our core beliefs and to our national and international clients who have embraced them, along with a commitment to our employees and our community.